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Reprinted from the Sesquicentennial Edition 1973

Dr. A. W. Webb came to Chicot County in 1834, but remained only a few years before he moved to Little Rock where he was robbed and murdered in September, 1866.

The history of medicine in Arkansas, and the treatments used from 1834 to 1885 are almost unbelievable. Herbs and native plants of various kinds were made into medicine and administered to the sick. These were not totally devoid of merit, for some of the most valuable drugs used in present day medicines are derived from these same sources. Digitalis from the Fox-glove plant, Arnica from the plant known as Leopards Bane, Sassafras, Buchu from the leaves of the Barosma Bteulina, Castor oil from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis (commonly called Castor Bean Plant), Belladonna from the leaves and roots of the Atropa Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade) and so many more.

We did not escape the superstitions and use of charms so to speak, such as wearing a necklace with a small ball of asafe-tida attached to keep off sickness. The spice nutmeg was supposed to guard against whooping cough and other ills when the wearer wore it around his neck. A sure cure for whooping cough was thought to be mares milk. A person born with a veil, possessed powers of healing the sick, was an idea firmly believed in by same.

The more educated families possessed one of Dr. Gunns Doctor Books, to be used in case a Doctor could not be procured. (The Compiler has seen one of these books published in 1846.)

The people in Planters Township, were more fortunate than most, by having two Doctors as early as 1842.

Dr. Munson Lamb, the first, was born in England in 1806, married in Louisiana, born in Missouri in 1814, their first child Thomas Lamb was born in Miss., in 1837, Mary born in Ark., 1842, Felix born 1847, William E. one month of age in census of 1850.

Dr. William Watson came next. He was born in North Carolina in 1805. Mary Olean Watson, his wife, was born in Ala., in 1820. Their son, Thomas, was born in Arkansas in 1843.

No Doctor had adequate equipment unless his pill-bag contained a cupping glass, and he was well informed in the proper technique of blood letting and applying leeches. The idea that impure blood caused ones sickness, was the purpose of removing part of this blood to relieve the patient of his sickness.

Dr. P. G. Sigmond followed in 1868 or 1870. After Dr. Sigmond died the family moved to Evansville, Indiana where his son, Harvey Sigmond, became a physician.

Dr. S. A. Scott, came to Planters Township around 1877. He was born in La., in 1853, he was a splendid doctor and promoted the growth of Eudora by laying out the Town in 1902 and building houses. He worked hard to secure the railroad, which meant much to the trade of the territory. Until this time Grand Lake had flourished, due to her location on the Mississippi River, as a trading center. Dr. Scott lived to an advanced age and was a familiar figure every morning as he came for his mail in his shining buggy drawn by a sleek horse, until a short time before his death on October 14, 1940.

Dr. Mark Allen, practiced at Grand Lake, Ark., in 1875 and for many years was the leading doctor in that area. He came to Grand Lake in the 1870s from Alabama. His daughter, Willie Allen, was born in McKinley, Maringe Co. Ala., October 6, 1870. Her mother was Virginia Lowry. Miss Willie Allen died March 28, 1952 at Natchez, Miss., and was buried in the family plot at Eudora in Mt. Carmel Cemetery. Surviving relatives: a niece, Mrs. R. P. Stewart and son, W. E. Stewart of Natchez, Miss.; John C. Hodge, Baton Rouge, La.; Mrs. R. N. Wilson, Thomas, Ga.; Mrs. A. W. Brister, Waco, Tex.; R. F. Stewart Jr., Dallas, Tex.

Dr. John Heywood Maull was born Sept. 23, 1858, at Evansville, Ind. He was a graduate of the University of Kentucky Medical School at Louisville. Dr. Maull was presented a Medal as an Honor Student in the Graduating class of 1880. He married at Carroll Parish, La., on July 31, 1884, Miss Margaret Alice Parker. They made their home south of Eudora. Dr. Maull practiced at Carmel and also in La. He died at the family home on October 19, 1894. His widow, Mrs. Alice Maull was living in the town of Eudora in 1903 with her family of almost all grown children.

Dr. A. G. Anderson came to Carmel in 1895, a Dr. J. D. English and Dr. Byrd were practicing physicians here in 1890-1900.

Dr. D. C. Wiley came to Carmel about 1902 and Dr. Bell came a little later.

Dr. R. D. Miller, began practice in 1906. His granddaughter, Dorothy Sandusky married the famous ball player, Daffy Dean.

Dr. H. H. Parr came to Eudora in 1906. He married in Eudora Miss Irene Beasley. They were the parents of four children. Their youngest son, Richard followed in his fathers footsteps. Dr. Richard Parr is an M. D. now practicing medicine at Nashville, Tenn. Dr. Parr practiced for many years until ill health force his retirement. He passed away at his home in Eudora, June 29, 1956.

Dr. J. L. Thompson was also a practicing physician and was in Eudora 1906-1915. Whit Thompson opened his office in Eudora 1925.

Dr. S. W. Douglas was born in Randolph County, Miss., April 17, 1970. He married on May 17, 1903, Miss Anna Taylor. The marriage was solemnized at the home of the brides uncle, E. B. Taylor in Pine Bluff, Ark. Dr. Douglas came to Eudora in 1911. He was a veteran of the Spanish American War, and in 1946 was selected as Surgeon on the Staff of the Commander-in-Chief of the Arkansas Division of the United Spanish War Veterans. Dr. S. W. Douglas and his wife raised nine children. He retired 1946-48, due to his failing eye-sight. Dr. Douglas has the longest record of service of any Doctor that has made Eudora his home. For 35 years or longer, he was on the job day and night where ever he was needed. He died on August 12, 1954. His wife, Anna and nine children survive him.

Dr. W. A. Craig was born Sept. 28, 1876 at Clinton, Kentucky. Dr. Craig located at Grand Lake in 1912. He married before coming to Grand Lake, Miss Minnie Mae Moore. In 1916 Dr. Craig and his family moved to Eudora. After 29 years Dr. Craig retired from active practice. He died after a long illness on August 10, 1947.

1946 Dr. James H. Mosley - stayed a short time.

1940 - Dr. Charles G. Leverett - deceased about 1953 at McGehee, Ark.

Dr. W. J. Hutson - came to Chicot Co. about 1918, but began practice in Eudora in 1929. He and his first wife reared a large family. Seven children survive Dr. Hutson and his wife.

Dr. Robert L. McDonald - To Eudora first in 1948.

Dr. R. S. Simpson - Dentist.

Dr. P. C. Reasons - Dentist.

Dr. Julian Harris M.D. - now located elsewhere.

Dr. Byron Z. Binns.

Dr. W. J. Weaver - practicing 1973 in Eudora.



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Thelma Downing Pulley

This is reprinted from the Sesquicentennial Edition

The first short postal route in Arkansas Territory was from Arkansas Post through Little Rock across White River Post Office below Batesville; through Lawrence County by way of Davidsonville Postosi, Mo., to St. Louis. In 1820 the United States Government established another postal line from Cadron down the Arkansas River to Little Rock, extending to the southwest through Clark and Hempstead counties to Louisiana. This line followed the famous Old Southwest Trail. There were Territory in 1827.

The Mail Rider of more than a Century ago carried the U. S. Mail on horseback entirely. Wars were fought and over before the news reached the inland areas of the Territory of Arkansas. Stage lines carrying the Mail and also passengers were in operation between Arkansas and Little Rock as early at 1827, one reached as far as Fort Smith in 1840.

The Mississippi River Landing in Arkansas Territory, and after 1826 when Arkansas became a State, most always had a Post Office for distribution of Mail to the inland regions.


Old letters show that mail to persons living in Township 18, (known as Planters Twsp.) in 1846 was addressed Macon Hills. Other postoffices were Bernard, and Grand Lake. Below in Township 19, the postoffice was Eula, R. E. North Postmaster 1900.

According to records of the Post Office Department now in the National Archives in Washington, D.C., a post office was established at Eudora, Chicot County Arkansas on December 4, 1846 with Henry Stern-Postmaster.

On February 8, 1867, the Eudora Post Office was discontinued; Eudora Post Office was re-established on October 10, 1871 with William T. Owen as Postmaster. The Office was discontinued on January 5, 1876.

Names of postmasters and appointments were:
Henry Stern - December 4, 1856.
Scranton E. Sweet - April 16, 1859.
William T. Owen - October 10, 1871.

On March 20, 1888 another post office in Chicot County, Arkansas located at Carmel was established, named Eudora. The name was changed back to Carmel Post Office and remained thus until August 26, 1903.

On August 26, 1903 the name was changed to Eudora Post Office and has remained to the present time. Names of the post masters and dates of their appointment were:
Henry A. Harriman - March 20, 1888. Just below Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Harrimans Store, location NW quarter of Sec. 36 Twsp. 18 R 2W.

Ernestine Friedlander - September 11, 1893. Friedlanders Store located about three or four hundred feet Southeast of the James W. Scott home. (Called Old Town of Carmel).

Edward C. Cromwell - August 22, 1894.

Harry E. Harriman - April 1, 1899 - 2nd Harriman Store located to the Southeast of J. W. Scott home four hundred feet on the Grand Lake Road.

William R. Wallace - March 2, 1900 - located just below the J. W. Scott home.

Mattie E. Harriman - May 28, 1904 - located on the N Corner of Armstrong Avenue and Main Street.

Harry Harriman - February 7, 1910 - located on Armstrong Avenue in the 2 story brick building on the N corner of Armstrong and Main.

Mattie E. Harriman - May 28, 1910 - same location as above.

J. G. Irwin - January 27, 1911 - same location.

Mattie M. Lee - (Acting) January 2, 1914 - same location.

Williard W. Ward - March 2, 1914 - same location.

Until about 1920 moved to a location on South Main, next to North Main next door to the Eudora Bank, later moved across to the West side of North Main, and to the present location of NW Main.

Arthur V. Cashion - September 30, 1922.

Harris Parr - 1935.

W. D. Parr - April, 1940.

R. C. Grubbs - October 1940.

Carroll Gambill - March 1949.

Marvin Tackett - July 1973 ( now serving).


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