Victor M. Johnson
He whose name heads this sketch is a prominent and highly respected citizen of Lakeport, Ark., and the history of Chicot
County gains much of interest by claiming for its pages one so deserving of praise and admiration. Mr. Johnson was born in
this county in 1863, and is a son of Lycurgus and Lydia (Taylor) Johnson, both of whom were natives of the far-famed
Blue-Grass State. The father gave most of his attention to tilling the soil, and was a gentleman of superior education, having
graduated with honors at Bardstown, Ky., and ranking among the Kentuckians noted for hospitality, dignity and social culture.
He amassed a large fortune during the span of years allotted him, and emigrated to Chicot County, Ark., where he engaged in
planting, and passed the latter portion of his life surrounded by the peaceful and beautiful charms of a rural life, free from the
busy din of city life, and where, surrounded by all the comforts that wealth can provide, he lived happily and contentedly until
he reached his fifty-eighth year. To them were born twelve children, seven of whom are now living, the subject of this sketch
being the youngest of the family. The names of these children are: Joel, John H., Bent T., Mary J., Linnie, Theodore, Annie,
Carl, Walter L., Julia J. and Victor M.

The subject of this sketch, Victor, attended school during a great part of his early life, and when older entered the Arkansas
University, at Little Rock, where he remained a number of years; he attended Bellevue Hospital at New York, and graduated
from that celebrated school in 1888, at which date he returnd (sic) home to practice medicine, and has been kept busy with
his chosen profession up to the present time, and is considered an excellent physician. Besides he has a good deal of real
estate, which is valuable and is in a fine state of cultivation. Mr. Johnson belongs to the Democratic party, and while he is not
specially active in political matters, yet, at the same time, he is always ready to advance the cause of every worthy enterprise
and advance the interests of the community in which he resides.