Samuel F. Hornor
Since the history of any county must necessarily be dependent upon the lives of great men who reside there for the interest
with which the public peruse its pages, such men as Samuel F. Hornor are deservedly honored and beloved by the citizens,
whose interests they advance, both in a social and business way. He was born in this county, being, therefore both by natural
claims and preference, among the great men of this locality, and by his personal success and desire to be of assistance to
those less blessed by circumstances and financial achievements, he has endeared himself to the people throughout the county.
An active member of the Democratic party, and a leader in public enterprises and State questions; he has been magistrate of
his district for the past twelve years, and was at one time school director, manifesting a lively regard for educational matters.
He is the youngest of a family of five children, and his days have been most agreeably passed within the limits of his native

At the age of twenty the subject of this sketch took upon his own sholders (sic) the burden and responsibility of
"bread-winning," and at once turned his attention to farming. In 1874 he married Miss Alice M. Withom, daughter of Samuel
and Mary (Long) Withom, and of this union have been born six children: Mary E., Theodore S., Mattie M., Hattie B., John
S., and a baby not yet named, all of whom are still living. Mr. Hornor is the fortunate possessor of a valuable plantation, which
yields a princely annual income.