Robert H. Connerly
Robert H. Connerly, one of the most popular, learned and successful young attorneys in the State of Arkansas, is a brother
and law partner of John C. Connerly, whose sketch appears in this history. He was born near Summerfield, Ala., the son of
D. C. B. and Ellen (Taylor) Connerly. Like his brother, he first received instructions at home from his father, who was a
brilliant scholar and well calculated to lay the foundation for the successful career of his children, and later Robert entered the
University at Austin, Tex., commencing life for himself, at the early age of nineteen, as a farmer. He then went to New
Orleans, and was with his brother, Frank, who is connected with the Granite works of that city. In January, 1886, Mr.
Connerly moved to Lake Village, reading law under his brother, John C. In the fall of 1886 he was elected county surveyor,
an office which he held until the fall of 1888, at which time he was admitted to the bar, and the same year entered into a
partnership with his brother, John C. Connerly. The firm does a large business, especially real estate and chancery, and is
prominent in Lake Village, a place which boasts one of the strongest and best bars in the State of Arkansas.