John Curtis Connerly
John Curtis Connerly, a young attorney of Lake Village, Chicot County, was born in Selma, Ala., June 25, 1856, being the
eldest of the seven children born to the union of D. C. B. and Ellen (Taylor) Connerly, of Newberry District, S. C.

D. C. B. Connerly, in 1837, settled at Selma, afterward attending school at the University of Alabama. Arriving at the age of
maturity, engaged in ministerial duties of the Methodist Episcopal Church, taking charge of Centenary Male Institute at
Summerfield, Dallas County, Ala., a position which he retained four years, at the end of which time he resigned to enlist in the
Confederate army as private in Capt. John T. (now United States Senator) Morgan's company, continuing to serve until the
close of the war. He was engaged in the battles of Missionary Ridge, Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Franklin, and many
others, and was taken prisoner and was paroled at Selma, Ala. After peace was again restored through the country, he
returned home, living on his farm near Summerfield.

At that place he founded Stonewall institute, of which he was principal and taught until 1875, in which year he emigrated to
Huntsville, Ala. In the winter of 1875 he moved to Arkadelphia, Ark., January 10, 1875. Here he established a school,
teaching for twelve months, and in 1878 moved to Hamburg, Ashley County, where he founded a high school, which is now
under the charge of Profs. J. H. and J. S. Gladney. After acting as principal of this school until January, 1882, Mr. Connerly
moved to Austin, Tex., his health having failed very much. His death occurred at Camden, Ark., June 12, 1887, while he was
on his way to the house of the subject of this sketch. Mrs. Connerly, the wife of D. C. B., breathed her last June, 1884. Of
the seven children born to them, seven are living now, viz.: John Curtis, Alice May, Frank L., Mary K. (wife of C. L. Mead),
Robert H., Bessie L. (who married James W. Greer), and Fred T.

John Curtis, the subject of this sketch, was educated first under his father's instruction, which prepared him for college, and at
the age of twenty-four entered the University of Alabama, at Tuscaloosa, where he remained one year, studying the
sophomore and junior courses at the same time. After finishing school, Mr. Connerly returned to Hamburg and entered the
office of Hon. J. W. Van Gilder, State Senator, reading law for six months, and in August, 1882, was licensed to plead law in
the State of Arkansas by the circuit court of Ashley County, and has since been licensed to practice his profession in all the
courts, both Federal and State, of the State. February, 1886, he married Miss Katie P. Kramer, of New Orleans, daughter of
Judge P. J. Cramer. His business partner is his brother, Robert L., who is a rising young attorney of unusual talent and ability.
Mr. Connerly has in his possession a considerable amount of real estate.